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You have entered into customer service center, please leave massage to us at any time. You can contact with us by telephone, facsimile, E-mail and network online etc..
A good brand is not only means having good quality but also means a perfect service and market credit. As a excellent national manufacture enterprises, GH pays much attention to customer’s technique support whatever consultation, explanation or resolution offering all along. GH is willing to offer you best service.

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Keeping in mind the principle of “Rely on technology to establish GH brand, rely on quality to win customer’s satisfaction.” , GH,a excellent pipe fittings making enterprise, enacts following items as our service commitment to promise customer our products.
     一、Our products are all standardized and we strictly execute the specification in the contract. All the raw materials are original with quality certification and they will be rechecked after entering the factory. We take the responsibility of the supplied products .
     二、Strictly perform bargainor’s obligation according to the contract.
     三、Strictly abide by the contract to deliver goods.
     四、 GH will appoint experienced business clerk to assist purchaser in installation, instructing, testing run etc., meanwhile, we should resolve all troubles about quality and performance in commission and test run.
      五、 Establish customer file and visit them in periodical time. We will value your feedback about our company and products, so that we can improve ourselves and respond you better service.
         六、 GH offers you best after-sale service. All the questions that put forward by customer must be replied or resolved in 12 hours.
         七、 The final interpretation authority of the above belongs to GH.

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